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Hi everyone! You're probably a fan of the FanFiction series Total Drama Action: Totally Interactive! This is the new and improved version of the site, with new teams, romances, and challenges. So go ahead and check out all the new stuff!

One really awesome feature of this site is the opinion that any of my great reviewers can update it with any specfic information. Add some extra info, put an amazing picture, or if you see anything that should be changed! Change it!

If you haven't read the lastest chapter of Total Drama Action: Totally Interactive, you can check it out here

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Laila Sharma

"You picked me. Not that evil fire breathing monster."

Starting off as one of the most enjoyable newbies. Laila had made it clear that she adored the cast members especially Alex. But when Charlotte flirted with her crush, she let love blind her. Laila was eliminated but not before getting a gift from Alex

Like her or not, Laila Sharma will be missed by all the cast mates.

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